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What's a good place to take family photos or portraits?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

In my experience a backyard or a nearby park or playground will usually work well. In fact, the picture above was taken in my backyard. I know that a favorite of many is the beach. While beach photos can be beautiful, in my experience, the beach can be challenging because of the direct sunlight and the reflective sand. These can pose exposure and lighting challenges that might prove difficult to overcome unless you are a skilled photographer with suitable professional equipment. Time of day and weather of course also play a key role. I usually find that mid to late afternoon is a good time to shoot outdoors depending on the time of the year. Try to avoid shooting in the middle of the day and shoot in shaded areas and not into the sun. You may want to experiment with a fill-in flash. I find that parks, playgrounds and backyards can work well. Of course, in the middle of the winter in Minnesota, that may not work so well. Sometimes the inside of your home can be a viable option. Look for well lit areas with lots of natural light inside your home. A favorite place of mine is Old Poway Park in Poway. It offers lots of colorful backgrounds with plenty of shaded areas and it is usually not too crowded.

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